Episode 66

Team First Problem Solving

Published on: 19th May, 2023

In today's episode, we cover prioritizing team dynamics and collaboration in leadership. We discuss the importance of focusing on the team before jumping right into problem-solving. We emphasize the significance of team dynamics, trust, and leadership in achieving success and also discuss the value of having the right team members and fostering an environment that promotes growth and collaboration.

Show notes:

- Focus on building trust within the team before diving into problem-solving [00:00:00]

- Prioritize getting the right people in place and headed in the right direction [00:01:08]

- Shift focus from analyzing the problem to evaluating the team's ability to get the job done [00:01:32]

- Recognize the importance of planning and looking ahead in careers and leadership [00:06:27]

- Address the dangers of reactive problem-solving without purpose and structure [00:08:31]

- Question initial information as a leader and involve the right people in decision-making [00:10:34]

- Empower and trust your team members by selecting them for specific tasks [00:12:32]

- Delegate problems to the team and provide the right level of coaching to support their success [00:15:02]

- Tackle the biggest problem first, instead of focusing on quick wins [00:19:12]

- Avoid the "quick win trap" and focus on addressing the most significant and challenging problems [00:21:18]

- Demonstrate the consultant's value quickly by addressing the system's bottleneck [00:23:25]

- Have confidence in your team's ability to work through problems [00:25:02]

- Invest time and energy into coaching, feedback, and effective communication for a strong team [00:27:44]

- Prioritize the team's success over personal agendas [00:33:23]

- Pair team members to work on tasks together for better problem-solving and team-building [00:39:07]

- Go through the stages of storming, forming, norming, and performing to build trust and improve collaboration [00:47:07]

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